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If you’re a Business Owner, Executive, Manager or a Future Leader, this business magazine will prove to be a great investment for you and your team.

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  • Business: Each Issue of Executive Focus Business Magazine provides quality and practical business information which can be actioned in the organisation immediately. The content is written and supplied by practising specialist, real people who have the experience and the scars to prove it, so you can be guaranteed it’s not just theory.

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  • Leisure: You will be exposed to a wide range of leisure activities and getaways in Executive Focus Business Magazine so you can strike a balance in your busy life. No matter if you’re an active person or someone who likes the slower paced pursuits, you will find something that will inspire you to a better lifestyle.

Magazine Topics

This is an example of the type of business and leisure content we deliver..


  • Business Feature topic
  • Legal, Tech or Financial
  • People development
  • Business management
  • Sales or marketing strategies
  • Business toys and tools


  • Leisure Feature topic
  • Getaways or holidays
  • Experience activities
  • Video Fitness training
  • Video Golf lessons
  • Big peoples toys
  • Healthy food or selected beverage

We also release special issues on selected business and leisure topics from time to time, some of these will only be available to our business magazine subscribers.

The content is delivered in bite sized articles so you can easily read or watch one during a quick break of over a cup of coffee. The mixture of business and leisure provides a balanced read depending on your focus at any one time.

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